The Role of Teachers in Education

Teachers play an essential role in education, most especially in the lives of the students they teach in the classroom. What defines a teacher is his/her ability to teach students and a positive influence on them. Generally, the role of a teacher in education goes beyond teaching. In today’s world, teaching has different faces, and a teacher has to carry out the part of being an external parent, counselor, mentor, role model, and so on. Teacher’s role in the classroom, society, and world at large, have taken a different turn from what it was back in the day. Over time, teachers were given a specific curriculum to follow, as well as instructions on how to go about teaching the curriculum. In the world today, the teachers role has gone beyond teaching. Their role now involves counseling of students, mentoring students, teaching students how to use and apply knowledge in their lives. Teachers are now looking for ways they can impact students on a whole different level, and even inspire them to be more and do more.

Our Principal

Mrs.Mary Freada M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil

Principal, RMS International School

Our Staff Group Photo


S.NoName of the teacherDesignationQualificationTeaching ExperienceClasses handlingSubjects HandlingPhoto
1Ms. LekshmiPGT(Computer science)M.Sc., B.Ed9 YearsSenior Secondary TeacherComputer science
2Ms. Jency MalarPGT (Science)M.Sc., B.Ed., M.phil., Ph.D., DNMTT8 YearsGrade III, IV, VI, VII and VIIIScience
3Ms.Shayanithisha JiniPGT (Maths)M.Sc., B.Ed4 YearsGrade IV, V, VII and VIIIMathematics
4Ms.ElainePRT (English)M.A., B.Ed.,M.Phil1 YearGrade III, IV and VIIIEnglish, Social
5Ms.BerlinPGT(English)M.A., B.Ed8 YearsGrade I, II and VEnglish, Hindi
6Ms.Manchu BharathiPGT (English)M.A., B.Ed2 YearsGrade I and IIIEnglish, Social
7Ms.UshaTGT (Tamil)B.A.,B.Ed4 YearsKG, Grade IV and VIITamil
8Ms.Shayajose SkilfaTGT(Tamil)B.A.,B.Ed2 YearsKG, Grade I and IITamil
9Ms.NaliniTGT(Maths)B.Sc., B.Ed4 YearsGrade IV, V, VII, VIIIMathematics
10Ms.KarthikaPGT( Tamil)MA.,M.Phil.,B.Ed6 YearsGrade V, VI and VIIITamil
11Ms.RajasreePGT(Chemistry)M.Sc.,B.Ed, (Ph.D)3 Years Senior secondary TeacherChemistry
12Ms.Elamathi NTTB.E (Civil) DNMTT(Pursuing)2 YearsKG-
13Ms.P. PavithraPRTB.E,M.E .Computer Science1 Year and 4 MonthsGrade I, IV, VI, VII and VIIIComputer science
14Ms.StellaPRTB.E, 2 YearsGrade II, III and VComputer science
15Ms.SujithaNTTB.E ,,DNMTT(pursuing)2YearsKG-
16Mr.NatarajanPTIM.Ped1 year--
17Ms.Usha DeviLibrarian M. Com,BLIS1 year--
18Ms. Jelin Jeba Wellness trainer/ Counsellor M.Sc., Counselling3 Years--
19Ms.Mahiba NadarTGT (Science)B.Sc .,B.Ed3 YearsGrade V, VI, VII and VIIIScience, Social, Physics
20Ms.ArulselviTGT(English)BA., B.Ed3 YearsGrade V and VI, VIIEnglish, Social
21Ms.PriyaPGT( English)M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed5 Years-English
22Ms.RajasundariTGT(Maths)B.Sc., B.Ed5 YearsGrade I, II, III and VIMathematics
23Ms.Asha JoicePGT (Physics)M.Sc., B.Ed2 YearsSenior Secondary TeacherPhysics
24Ms.Ancy DevadasPGT(Chemistry)M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D( Pursiung)4 Years-Chemistry
25Ms.NikithaPRT(Hindi)B.Sc., Hindi course-Grade I to VIIIHindi


S.NoName of the StaffDesignationWorking ExperiencePhoto
1Ms. Jeba Raja Kani SManager10 Years
2Ms. Josephine JPrincipal PA4 Years
3Mr. AnandDriver6 Years
4Mr. MuruganDriver5 Years
5Mr. TheenaDriver2 Years
6Mr. ValanSupervisor 2 Years
7KavithaMaid4 Years
8AlphonsaMaid3 Years
9LathaMaid3 Years
10ManiGardener2 Years
11SubbiahWatchman4 Years
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