Annual Report

ANNUAL REPORT 2020 – 2021

Season’s Greetings and warm wishes.

Good morning to one and all.

RMS International School aims to be the Center of Excellence in Education using the state-of-the-art technology, where the seeds of the all-round development of the children are sown at an early age. We take this opportunity to thank the Almighty for his abundant blessings and guidance from our parents, students, teachers and well wishers.

There is a great saying:  Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education”.

As we share the yearly updates of our activities, we take the modesty to say that we did our best to do as we had planned and we are proud of our students and teachers who strive hard to achieve beyond expectations.

The school focuses not only on advanced academics but also on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Students are trained at a very young age towards incorporating a sense of responsibility, loyalty, team spirit, and healthy competition to become graceful and dignified personalities.

Online Study during Covid 19:

The nationwide lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a burst of activity with online education. The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

At RMS teachers and coordinators are regularly in contact with the students and parents and taking the online classes regularly. Students are also studying through various online learning program. Apart from this, students are given various other extracurricular activities such as drawing, elocution, Vegetable rangoli, and dance etc. on day to day basis which they can carry out at their home and to encourage them we put their videos on social media and websites.


A vast expanse of 3acres provides a perfect ambience for an aesthetically charted school building. The living space, the open lawn marked with beautiful Phycus bounty. An awe inspiring Wi- Fi enabled infrastructure comprising of 20 well ventilated Classrooms, Physics lab , Chemistry lab, Biology lab, Math lab, Library, IT Lab, Sick bay and a Spacious Auditorium.


The serene ambience inspires a love for reading. Information at the click of a finger tip invites the young users to delve into the magical world of words and wealth of research material available. The library houses over 3,000 books which are considered as a treasure trove of information.

Smart Board Classrooms:

Interactive white boards are used for classroom teaching and involve students to learn with technology. Notes, flowcharts, drawings and PPTs are used in course of teaching and they are saved to access as and when required.


The most valuable resource that any school can have is its staff.

The school collectively has an enthusiastic and dedicated team of …..Teachers in the Senior Secondary, Secondary, the Primary and the Pre-Primary sections. In addition, we have Non-Teaching and Support staff. Their coordination with each other is what enables the school to function smoothly and grow with new perspectives.

Staff Enrichment Program: 

Education is the key to success in life and teachers make a lasting impact  in the lives of the students. Our teachers flourish their knowledge, by attending workshops and various training programs.
Few of them are as listed:

PTM Activities:

PTM are held at regular intervals to review the activities of the students and seek parents’ participations and feedback.  Various orientation and awareness programs were organized for the parents through online via zoom cloud meeting

The Parent Teacher Meetings supported us to make a positive contribution in sustaining the quality of educational transactions that takes place within the school. Their constructive criticism and valuable feedback has always been helpful and appreciated. We extend our special thanks to all the parents for their valuable support.


Life is a celebration. We just need persons to celebrate it.

To foster national integration, international understanding, religious and cultural awareness and tolerance, various national, religious and cultural festivals and occasions were celebrated through online via zoom app.


Now, let us have a brief glimpse of the functions that marked the school calendar this year.

Ø Teachers’ day celebration in the month of September.

Ø Children’s day celebration in the month of  November

Ø Christmas celebration in the month of December

Ø Pongal celebration in the month of January

Academic Activities:

Competitions and academic activities that go beyond the text books and the classrooms encourage and foster a healthy and competitive spirit and effective communication skills in the students. The activities are conducted at classroom level. Competitions are also held for Fancy dress, Water candle, dance, Fashion parade and elocution competitions. We also had online assemblies.

I am extremely proud of our achievements and I am grateful for all the hard work invested by our teachers and students.


We believe that every Year brings changes with God Almighty’s protection. As we are passing through an unprecedented crisis situation in the year 2020 we are confident that we will overcome all the odds by our strong will and ethics and pave the way for the betterment of the education fraternity and the society in general.

Before I conclude, let me assure that even though our students engaged themselves in various co-curricular and life skill activities, top priority is given to academic performance. Remedial teaching, extra classes, revisions, unit tests, class tests, assignments, project work, end of term exams have kept them busy throughout the year. I render thanks to our Management, our teaching and non teaching staff and my students and parents who have been with us in all our activities with maximum support and co-operation. With this I conclude the report.

Thank You.